__**Frequently Asked Questions:**__

— ***What types of materials does FPH produce?*** We provide print and electronic books to the general public (brick & mortar bookstores, online shops, libraries, universities, and directly to readers).
— ***What types of authors are in the catalog?*** FPH gives priority to new writers in various disciplines, while providing a means of distribution, copyright protection, and a valuable publishing experience to playwrights, poets, novelists, and literary artists.
— ***Why is publishing work by “new” writers important?*** We are new writers as long as we’re writing new materials. The future of our civilization depends on preserving the thoughts and ideas of today’s generation of up-and-coming artists.
— ***Aren’t there already enough books to read?*** While there are plenty of valuable thoughts and ideas expressed by brilliant minds of previous generations, it’s the job of today’s literary artists to take those ideas a step further. By applying values in a work of fiction or non-fiction, people are able to reflect about difficult issues.
— ***How is FPH making publishing new work more accessible to its authors?*** While publishing through small presses, creating an author imprint, or self-publishing are within the reach of our authors, this operation is able to provide authors with support along the way, often including copyright protection, International Serial Book Numbers, assistance with formatting and proofreading. Meanwhile, authors receive the maximum allowable share of revenue from book sales.
— ***Is there a fee for submitting work? Is there compensation?*** There is no fee to submit a piece for consideration. Please be advised, we may take a few days to respond to submissions, but you should receive a confirmation email that your piece is under review. There is no limit to the number of submissions. Compensation will be determined for published pieces based upon the nature of the book. For anthology submissions, royalties will be divided evenly among multiple authors regardless of page length of pieces. However, consider each accepted submission as a separate set of royalties (i.e. if two of your works are published in an anthology). The other forms of compensation are mentioned in the question above.
— ***How are submissions judged?*** Submissions to Future Publishing House are screened by a committee of readers. After the deadline for submissions, our committee has three days to select their picks. To refrain from biased judgements, author names are removed prior to the reading period. No submissions may come from committee readers.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? [Send an email to our team](mailto:info@futurepublishinghouse.com) at info@futurepublishinghouse.com. Thank you for your interest in joining our company!