Our Mission:


Our mission at Future Publishing House is to engage with exciting new pieces of literature. We help new authors gain access to mainstream audiences, while providing quality print materials for readers.


You’re guaranteed to find interesting, new fiction in our catalogue. We’re working to find quality authors to create better, more relevant entertainment. Thus, we provide access to new artists, books, and ideas.

Future Publishing House started in the twentieth century as an independent publisher of science fiction, but we have branched out considerably. Our operation handles all types of fiction. We publish novels, poetry, short stories, and plays for the stage.

Meet Our Contributors:

The following designers have contributed to our productions:

Our company has worked with the following playwrights to feature their work in our anthology, on The Lost Poetry, and in our catalogue:

  • Matt Brown (“Love, Lust, Lyrics & Stamps”)
  • Barbara Bryan (“Leaving the Universe”
  • Melanie Coffey (“To You & Me & the Ocean” and “Easy as Pie”)
  • John Joseph Enright (“Iago’s Deal” and “Starry Night”)
  • Dylan Kinnett (“Party Planet” and “The Piece of Real Estate at the Top of the Tallest Building on Earth”
  • Emma S. Rund (“To Fix a Dinosaur”
  • Alexander Scally (“Cake Day” and “Chalked”)
  • Cameron Sheppard (“Mary Doesn’t Wear Red Lipstick”)
  • Andre Thespies (“Love, Lust, Lyrics & Stamps”)

Throughout our catalogue, you’ll find titles from the following list of authors and writers:

  • Ruby, Jason (Griffin’s First Day of School)
  • Sullivan, Shane (The Lost Poet of Woodlawn)
  • Thespies, Andre (Boy Meets Bot)
  • Toto, Tapu Mikaere (Men, Women & Robots)
  • Vain, S. (REDACTED)
  • Valentine, Sonny (Asleep in the Skies and The Procurements of Sonny Valentine)

We work with the following editors:

  • Shaun Vain (managing editor)

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page, or send an email to our team at info@futurepublishinghouse.com.

Thank you for your interest in our company!

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